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    Name Code Year End Next Results Due (est)
    DATATEC DTC Feb Aug 2021 (Interim) 28 Oct 2021
    DELPROP DLT Feb Aug 2021 (Interim) 1 Jun 2022
    DENEB DNB Mar Sep 2021 (Interim) 19 Nov 2021
    DIPULA A DIA Aug Aug 2021 (Final) 18 Nov 2021
    DIS-CHEM DCP Feb Aug 2021 (Interim) 3 Nov 2021
    DISCOVERY DSY Jun Dec 2021 (Interim) 25 Feb 2022
    Page contain links to extra content supplied by DISTELLDISTELL DGH Jun Dec 2021 (Interim) 24 Feb 2022
    DKR DKR Sep Mar 2022 (Interim) 17 May 2022
    DRAGLOBAL DRA Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 19 Aug 2022
    Page contain links to extra content supplied by DRDGOLDDRDGOLD DRD Jun Dec 2021 (Interim) 16 Feb 2022
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     Short Name Index - D

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