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     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    If you have a question which is not answered here, please email, or phone +27-11-728-5510.

    What is the free newsletter?
    The ShareData Online newsletter is a daily email summary of JSE information with an emphasis on results and company news. Mailed to subscribers after close of the markets each evening, the newsletter is a convenient way for busy people to see, at a glance, which companies have been in the news and which companies have released results. The newsletter also contains a summary of key market indicators, including major indexes and forex rates.

    Why are annual reports not available for all companies?
    We rely on listed companies themselves to provide Acrobat (PDF) versions of their annual reports. Not all companies respond to our repeated requests to make annual reports available in electronic format. You can assist us in our efforts to have a complete PDF library by sending us details of the company (or companies) for which you need annual reports. Please email with the name of the company. Please indicate if you are a shareholder or a prospective investor.

    Why are forecasts only available for some companies?
    So called 'forecasts' are really arithmetic averages of forecasts provided by major stockbroking firms. Most of the JSE’s trade occurs in the larger securities – the 'institutional' stocks – and the stockbroking firms therefore focus their research efforts on the big companies in which the life houses and other major investors have some interest. Stocks with small market capitalisations are often too small for the institutions (ie, a meaningful stake will mean buying the whole company), and these companies therefore tend to get ignored from a research point of view.

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