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    ShareData Online is the companion website to Profile’s Stock Exchange Handbook. This website offers the same type of information as the handbook — company results and news, consensus forecast earnings, detailed factsheets — but updated daily, and with comprehensive archives and useful analysis tools.

    The focus of this website is information on JSE listed companies — market performance, financial performance, and facts and figures.

    What Will You Find Here?

    ShareData Online is designed to provide a convenient, comprehensive, up-to-date information resource for JSE listed companies.

    The site contains much more than basic fact sheets for each listed company. For many companies, complete annual reports can be downloaded in Acrobat (PDF) format. Earnings forecasts are available for larger-cap shares. Financial analysis pages are generated automatically, providing key per-share statistics and a range of standardised ratios. The site includes a sophisticated interactive charting application, and trading stats are updated daily.

    In addition to detailed information on each listed company, there is also a Toolbox designed to facilitate comparisons and in-depth analysis. Our ranking tables allow you to sort companies by profitability, turnover, market cap, RoE, P/E, and more. Directors' Dealings allows you to analyse sales and purchases of shares by directors. Our Alert Service allows you to choose information you would like to receive in your inbox daily, from closing prices and graphs, to SENS announcements and official press releases.

    Subscriber-based Site

    ShareData Online is a subscription-based website.

    You can purchase a subscribe online by clicking here. The standard subscription costs just R160.00 per month. 


    The menu bar at the top of the page is the main navigation tool for this site. The side-bar menu on the left applies to the page being viewed, and changes accordingly. For example, in the Toolbox section, the left-hand menu changes to reflect choices available inside the Toolbox.

    When you are looking at a specific company, the left-hand menu provides a selection of information pages for that company. Note that the HOME link at the top of the left-hand menu takes you to the landing page for that company — for the main site home page, use the HOME link in the top menu.


    For assistance with registration and navigation, check the FAQ page.

    The Sharepaedia provides help with ratio definitions, understanding forecasts and valuation data, interpreting charts and graphs, and much more.

    If you can't answer you question or solve your problem via the above pages, please email or call +27-11-728-5510 and ask for ShareData support.

    Please help us to improve the site by reporting any errors to

    Profile Group (Pty) Ltd. has taken care in preparing all information on this website, but does not accept any liability for errors or out-of-date information.
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