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    Name Code Year End Next Results Due (est)
    CAFCA Ltd. CAC Sep Sep 2022 (Final) 22 Nov 2022
    Page contain links to extra content supplied by Calgro M3 Holdings Ltd.Calgro M3 Holdings Ltd. CGR Feb Aug 2022 (Interim) 18 Oct 2022
    Capital Appreciation Ltd. CTA Mar Sep 2022 (Interim) 30 Nov 2022
    Capital & Counties Properties PLC CCO Dec Dec 2022 (Final) 23 Feb 2023
    Capital & Regional plc CRP Dec Dec 2022 (Final) 8 Mar 2023
    Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd. CPI Feb Aug 2022 (Interim) 30 Sep 2022
    CA Sales Holdings Ltd. CAA Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 5 Sep 2022
    Page contain links to extra content supplied by Cashbuild Ltd.Cashbuild Ltd. CSB Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 31 Aug 2022
    Castleview Property Fund Ltd. CVW Feb Aug 2022 (Interim) 3 Nov 2022
    Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd. CAT Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 20 Sep 2022
    Choppies Enterprises Ltd. CHP Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 22 Sep 2022
    Chrometco Ltd. (suspended) CMO Feb - -
    City Lodge Hotels Ltd. CLH Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 10 Sep 2022
    Clicks Group Ltd. CLS Aug Aug 2022 (Final) 21 Oct 2022
    Clientèle Ltd. CLI Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 31 Aug 2022
    Cognition Holdings Ltd. CGN Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 1 Sep 2022
    Combined Motor Holdings Ltd. CMH Feb Aug 2022 (Interim) 19 Oct 2022
    Compagnie Financière Richemont SA CFR Mar Sep 2022 (Interim) 11 Nov 2022
    Conduit Capital Ltd. CND Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 30 Sep 2022
    Coronation Fund Managers Ltd. CML Sep Sep 2022 (Final) 23 Nov 2022
    Crookes Brothers Ltd. CKS Mar Sep 2022 (Interim) 24 Nov 2022
    Curro Holdings Ltd. COH Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 18 Aug 2022
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     Full Name Index - C

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