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    AAb to AY [ABSP-AYO] NNa to Nu [NPK-NWL]
    BBa to By [BWN-BYI] OOa to Or [OAO-ORN]
    CCA to Cu [CAC-COH] PPa to Pu [PAN-PPR]
    DDa to DR [DTC-DRD] QQu to Qu [QFH-QLT]
    EEa to Ex [EPS-EXX] RRa to Ro [RNG-RBP]
    FFa to Fr [FTA-FTH] SSa to Sy [SXM-SYG]
    GGe to Gr [GML-GRT] TTe to Ts [TLM-TGO]
    HHa to Hy [HMN-HYP] UUn to Un [UAT-UPL]
    IIm to It [ILE-ITE] VVi to Vu [VIS-VUN]
    JJa to Ju [JSC-JBL] WWe to Wo [WEZ-WKF]
    KKa to Ku [KAL-KIO] Xn/a
    LLa to Lu [LAB-LUX] YYe to Yo [YYLBEE-YRK]
    MMa to Mu [MHB-MST] ZZe [ZED]

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