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     Sector Index - Real Estate - Real Estate Investment Trusts
    Name Code Year End Next Results Market Cap
    Accelerate Property Fund Ltd. APF Mar Mar 2022 (Final) 1 072m
    Afine Investments Ltd. ANI Dec - 445m
    aReit Prop Ltd. APO Dec Sep 2022 (Quarterly) 749m
    Attacq Ltd. ATT Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 4 810m
    Capital & Counties Properties PLC CCO Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 26 262m
    Capital & Regional plc CRP Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 1 819m
    Castleview Property Fund Ltd. CVW Feb Aug 2022 (Interim) 187m
    Delta Property Fund Ltd. DLT Feb Feb 2022 (Final) 407m
    Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG DKR Sep Sep 2022 (Final) 854m
    Dipula Income Fund Ltd. DIA Aug Aug 2022 (Final) 3 782m
    Dipula Income Fund Ltd. DIB Aug Aug 2022 (Final) 3 782m
    Emira Property Fund Ltd. EMI Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 5 174m
    Equites Property Fund Ltd. EQU Feb Aug 2022 (Interim) 15 236m
    Exemplar REITail Ltd. EXP Feb Feb 2022 (Final) 3 190m
    Fairvest Ltd. FTA Sep Mar 2022 (Interim) 5 535m
    Fairvest Ltd. FTB Sep Mar 2022 (Interim) 5 535m
    Fortress REIT Ltd. FFA Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 18 256m
    Fortress REIT Ltd. FFB Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 18 256m
    Growthpoint Properties Ltd. GRT Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 46 727m
    Hammerson Plc HMN Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 24 824m
    Heriot REIT Ltd. HET Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 2 947m
    Hyprop Investments Ltd. HYP Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 12 086m
    Indluplace Properties Ltd. ILU Sep Sep 2022 (Final) 1 033m
    Industrials REIT Ltd. MLI Mar Mar 2022 (Final) 10 747m
    Investec Property Fund Ltd. IPF Mar Sep 2022 (Interim) 9 860m
    Irongate Group IAP Mar Sep 2022 (Interim) 14 337m
    Liberty Two Degrees L2D Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 3 725m
    Newpark REIT Ltd. NRL Feb Aug 2022 (Interim) 379m
    Oasis Crescent Property Fund OAS Mar Sep 2022 (Interim) 1 226m
    Octodec Investments Ltd. OCT Aug Aug 2022 (Final) 2 228m
    Rebosis Property Fund Ltd. REB Aug Feb 2022 (Interim) 206m
    Rebosis Property Fund Ltd. REA Aug Feb 2022 (Interim) 206m
    Redefine Properties Ltd. RDF Aug Aug 2022 (Final) 29 126m
    Resilient REIT Ltd. RES Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 20 907m
    SA Corporate Real Estate Ltd. SAC Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 5 457m
    Safari Investments RSA Ltd. SAR Mar Mar 2022 (Final) 1 678m
    Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust Plc SCD Sep Mar 2022 (Interim) 2 822m
    Spear REIT Ltd. SEA Feb Feb 2022 (Final) 1 983m
    Stor-Age Property REIT Ltd. SSS Mar Mar 2022 (Final) 6 678m
    Texton Property Fund Ltd. TEX Jun Jun 2022 (Final) 1 243m
    Transcend Residential Property Fund Ltd. TPF Dec Jun 2022 (Interim) 984m
    Vukile Property Fund Ltd. VKE Mar Mar 2022 (Final) 12 478m
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     Sector Index - Real Estate - Real Estate Investment Trusts

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