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    What is it?
    The ShareData Online newsletter is a daily email summary of JSE information with an emphasis on company results and company news. The newsletter is a convenient way for busy people to see, at a glance, which companies have been in the news and which companies have released results.

    It is mailed to subscribers after the close of the markets each evening.

    For the convenience of the subscriber, the newsletter also contains:

  • Key JSE indices (All Share, Resources, etc)
  • Precious metals
  • Forex rates
  • International indices (DJIA, FT100, etc)

    Useful links to the ShareData Online webite
    The newsletter contains useful quick-links to popular areas of the ShareData Online website, such as:

    Director dealings
    Check out where directors are buying or selling their own shares.

    Ranking tables
    See at a glance which companies have the best and worst P/Es, dividend yields, market caps, etc.

    Corporate events summary
    Especially useful if you’ve been away on business for a week or two, the handy corporate events summary shows at a glance who’s listing, who’s delisting, who’s issued profit warnings, etc.

    Calendar events
    See at glance which companies are reporting results in the near future. Our calendar table includes a status flag which shows whether a results release has been confirmed by the company or not.

    Please note that ShareData Online is a subscription site, and to access the features described above users must either subscribe to Profile’s Stock Exchange Handbook or buy a subscription to the website.

    Privacy Policy
    Profile Group (Pty) Ltd is a reputable company which has been providing services to the investment community for over ten years. Your email address will remain private, and will never be sold to a third party or provided to any third party for any purpose whatsoever. Profile Group guarantees to honour any instruction to stop using your email address and/or to remove it from our database. Profile Group may from time to time send you notices related to this site or other investment information products of the company.


    Profile Group (Pty) Ltd. has taken care in preparing all information on this website, but does not accept any liability for errors or out-of-date information.
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