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Nictus Holdings Ltd.  –  NSX:NHL    
Source: Namibian Stock Exchange
1D 2D 3M 1Y 3Y 5Y 10Y
All Share 62 864 -0.71%
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10 Day Trading Range
1.80 1.80
Peer Comparison
PEPKORH (PPH)20.39 (0.44%)
WOOLIES (WHL)61.14 (2.76%)
MRPRICE (MRP)202.47 (1.01%)
TFG (TFG)136.45 (0.64%)
VIVO (VVO)20.20 (-8.56%)
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Sector: Retailers
NHL  Latest Market Data
Close Fri 17 Sep1.80   P/E Ratio
Open Fri 17 Sep1.80   EPS - TTM
Best Bid   DPS - TTM Dividend (NAD) 0.18 18
Best Offer   Dividend Yield 10.00
Volume Fri 17 Sep   Market Cap 96.20m
Range Fri 17 Sep1.80–1.80   Shares In Issue 53.44m
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Latest Results
12 months ended Mar 2021 (published Jun 2021) Final
(NAD million)%chgMar 21 Mar 20
Turnover4.1% 656.6 631.1
Attributable Income146.5% 18.1 7.4
Market Cap (ZARm)-0.6% 83.4 83.9
EPS (ZARc)146.5% 34.59 14.03
HEPS (ZARc)145.1% 34.61 14.12
DPS (ZARc)50.0% 18.00 12.00
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Nature of Business
The Nictus Group of Companies was founded in 1945 and was listed on the JSE in 1969. The company’s main business operations were based in the former South West Africa. The main reason for the listing was to build equity to expand its operations into Southern Africa. During 2012 Nictus Holdings Ltd. (better known today as Nictus Namibia) was unbundled from the JSE listed company, and on 21 September 2012 was primary listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX). Nictus Namibia is the holding company of a group of companies, which operates in three segments, namely insurance and finance, retail and properties.
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