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Why are annual reports not available for all companies?
We rely on listed companies themselves to provide Acrobat (PDF) versions of their annual reports. Not all companies respond to our repeated requests to make annual reports available in electronic format. You can assist us in our efforts to have a complete PDF library by sending us details of the company (or companies) for which you need annual reports. Please email with the name of the company. Please indicate if you are a shareholder or a prospective investor.
Why are forecasts only available for some companies?
So called "consensus forecasts" are really arithmetic averages of profit and dividend estimates provided by major stockbroking firms. Most of the JSE’s trade occurs in the larger securities – the "institutional" stocks – and the stockbroking firms therefore focus their research efforts on the big companies in which the life houses and other major investors have some interest. Stocks with small market capitalisations are often too small for the institutions (ie, a meaningful stake will mean buying the whole company), and these companies therefore tend to get ignored from a research point of view.
P/E values on ShareData don't always agree with other sites – what gives?
P/Es (Price:Earnings ratios), EYs (Earnings Yields) and DYs (Dividend Yields) on this site are calculated by ProfileData and may differ from those calculated by the JSE or other data vendors. This is usually due to different approaches to fundamental data issues. For example, the "earnings" element of the P/E and EY can vary depending on an analyst's opinion about extraordinary items and sustainable profits. Different adjustment methodologies for irregular reporting periods (eg, a 15-month year following a change in financial year end) can also affect the earnings per share figure used in the P/E and EY calculations. The Research Department at ProfileData checks and verifies all rolling HEPS and DPS figures used in the above calculations in order to provide investors with the best possible ratios.
What are HEPS, EPS, DPS and Attributable Income?
HEPS stands for Headline Earnings Per Share, which is the sustainable after-tax profits of a company divided by the shares in issue. EPS is Earnings per Share and DPS is Dividends Per Share. Attributable Income is the profit after all deductions (including tax) which "belongs" to shareholders. For more information on these and other financial terms see the Sharepaedia. If you're a PREMIUM subscriber you can see the long versions of these acronyms and abbreviations in the detailed financials (under the Results tab of each listed company). Note that this FAQ/Help page is mainly about navigation and usage questions – the Sharepaedia has extensive information on stock exchange information and what it means.
If you have a question which is not answered here, please email, or phone +27-11-728-5510. Please help us to improve the site by reporting any errors to
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