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Where is the company index – how do I find shares?
You can pop up a list of JSE securities (listed companies) at any time by clicking on the ≡ icon near the top right-hand corner of the screen.
What's the point of the "Jump To" field?
You can enter a security or shortname into the "Jump To" field (top right) in order to find a share (ie, it searches as a search field). It also, where possible, keeps your view consistent. If you are already on a company page (eg, the Forecasts page of a particular share), Jump To takes you to the same page for the new company. This saves clicks and time compared to first navigating to a landing page.
What's happened to the left-hand menu?
ShareData Online still uses a two-tier menu system but the second tier menus are now below the main menu. The number of menu options has been reduced to make navigation easier. Some links that were separate have been grouped together. For example, company news, the news archives and SENS are now all on one page making it easier for you to find what you want.
What's happened to main menu item for Latest Results?
This has moved to the Toolbox menu.
What's happened to the listings of Sponsors and SRI Index Constituents?
These have moved to the Directory main menu item.
Why can I select Ending Date for summarised financials but not Starting Date?
ShareData Online automatically displays four columns of data with the most recent data on the left (the default is the last four finals with the latest results in the leftmost column). The Ending Data drop-down allows you to determine what is displayed in the leftmost column. The other columns are determined by the check boxes for Finals, Interims and Quarterlies (which are only available for a few dual-listed companies).
I liked the old SmartChart, where has it gone?
It's still there! Click on Charting in the main menu – a chart will open showing the JSE All Share Index (which is the default chart). Just below the latest index value (near the top left corner) there is a link which allows you to open the Java SmartChart.
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